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PUR Glue Perfect Bind Strength Test. We recently produced a promotional package that included a small.75” wide strip of a perfect bound book. This strip served as a strength test to see if it can be pulled apart. If you’re up to the challenge, we’ll send you a strip to see if you’re able to pull it apart. PUR adhesive offers several advantages over conventional hot melt glues. PUR allows for greater flexibility and binding strength that is not affected by temperature extremes, hot or cold. PUR binding is a suitable softback binding for books with high gloss and heavy weight papers.

PUR perfect-bound books are the industry standard used by most major magazine and book publishers. Tape Binding. Tape binding is now experiencing a resurgence in small-run books, presentation material and stylized perfect-bound booklets. This type of binding imparts a retro look similar to a sewn-spine composition book. PUR vs. EVA Adhesive for Perfect Binding. Polyurethane Reactive PUR is an adhesive used in book binding as an alternative to the traditional Hot Melt adhesive, commonly known as EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. PUR is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available. The page pull strength of a PUR-bound book 27 N/mm3 is more than 5.5 times that of a standard perfect-bound book using EVA adhesive 4.9 N/mm3. The first generation of PUR glue was introduced in 1985, followed by the second generation in 1996 and the third generation in 2000. The third generation PUR glue has a curing time of about 16 hours. As PUR Binding uses a similar technique to Perfect Binding with a different glue of course!, PUR Binding requires the same 3mm spine grind. So why choose PUR over Perfect? Not only is it extremely strong, we can also bind books with an all over varnish and full colour bleed into the spine of the text without the need to mask out or cut blankets. Perfect Bound book printing is perfect for those books that exceed a page count of generally around 40 pages. Common applications include annual reports, thick magazines, product catalogues, and lookbooks. We use a hot melt glue which provides for a fast turnaround. If you're after a stronger bind we can provide PUR binding or stitched soft.

PUR application system for coated stock Overview Key Applications Specs The single-clamp Duplo DPB-500 PUR Perfect Binder is ideal for binding books printed on digital and coated stocks. Perfect Binding Perfect Binding is a widely used soft cover book binding method. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible thermal glue. The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges. 01/09/2011 · For many printers, perfect binding is now a key component of their business. If you have a perfect-bound job to complete, or are looking at purchasing a perfect-bind machine, you should understand the basics. Perfect binding is the process where either flat sheets or signatures a sheet with.

All perfect bound books are bound with either EVA Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or PUR Polyurethane Reactive adhesives. EVA Has been the normal, go-to, adhesive since the beginning of perfect binding and still represents the majority of perfect bound adhesive used in North America. It’s easy to use and inexpensive. Fill the tank with EVA,. Short and Long Run Perfect and PUR Binding. It’s a great feeling holding a beautifully printed and bound book in your hands. We print and Perfect Bind in-house, meaning we can offer fast turnarounds, great value and outstanding quality.

Large format perfect binder for PUR and EVA glue. Best choice for difficult paper materials, such as highly coated stocks. Large format perfect binding machine A3. With PGO roughening system. suitable for coated papers. Standard format perfect binding machine up to A4. With PGO roughening system, suitable for coated papers. PUR Perfect Bound Booklets / Magazine Binding Perfect Bound Books. All of our perfect bound books are glued using super strong PUR adhesive. For more information on PUR. PUR Polyurethane reactive glue is an extremely aggressive adhesive, far superior to the traditional EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate glue used in Perfect binding. The adhesion with PUR is so strong that in most cases a pull test on the page will tear the paper before the PUR bond fails. PUR Perfect Binding Bind my book seamlessly with PUR perfect binding. Rayross Print Factory in Liverpool, specialists in bookbinding, hot glue binding and digital printing, are thrilled to announce another addition to our range of print finishing equipment — a Duplo KB-4000 PUR Perfect Binder.

PUR-perfect binding. While Printech Engineering is best known for its strong ‘alternative-to-new’ beliefs, and the supply of impeccably-refurbished printing hardware, the company also lays title to a number of valued agency agreements for new machinery – one of which is with Wohlenberg in Germany. PUR Poly Urethane Reactive – the most agressive adhesive used in commercial binding applications, providing superior page pull strength. Works great with uncoated or coated stocks, even cover stock with coatings or synthetic materials such as book cloth, plastic or UV coating. PUR vs Perfect Binding. I thought we’d quickly go over the difference in glue binding – you’ll hear a couple of options banded around in the binding world. PUR and Perfect Binding. The only real difference between these methods is the glue used. 12/09/2017 · PUR Perfect Binding with the Morgana DigiBook Range. Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn Email Email 0 Comments Comments. W ith the increase in demand for higher quality digitally printed publications, there is also an increased demand for high-quality finishing.

The production equipment within the bindery has been chosen very carefully and as a result of many years of supplying a demanding and ever changing print industry with everything from standard format booklets to attachments A6 work to loop stitched inserts are all a regular feature of the daily wo. PUR Binding – It’s all about the glue. PUR is the acronym for the glue used – polyurethane reactive hot melt. The glue can only melt once, so it’s the perfect choice for books that will be stored or used in excessively hot environments. Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding for case binding can be performed. Up to 40mm thickness of book can be produced. Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased up to 8 line cover.

Polyurethane Reactive PUR is an adhesive used in book binding. It is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available. PUR adhesive is most commonly associated with softcover books that are bound with the Perfect Binding method. PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available and offers several additional advantages over other binding adhesives. When inks, coatings or digital print toners are present in the spine area these can compromise the strength of typical hotmelt perfect binding. PUR PERFECT BINDING. We offer both PUR binding and Perfect binding. The Use of PUR Polyurethane Reactive as a binding adhesive has proven to be very successful both on the continent and here in Ireland. PUR Binding is a form of perfect binding but offers more flexibility and a. Perfect Binding With PUR Hot Melt. Technically, PUR binding is perfect binding; it’s just accomplished using PUR glue rather than EVA. Perfect binding is a fast and inexpensive way to bind paperback books by gluing the pages together at the spine.

We offer PUR binding for our perfect bound books. If your document is between 40 and 700 pages, PUR perfect binding by DigitalPrinting. could be your perfect solution. Take a look at our range of options for PUR binding.

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